Heiniger Handpiece Spares

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Heiniger Handpiece Spares

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1)Barrel, 2)Centre Post, 3)Locknut, 4)Comb screw, 5)Crankshaft, 6)Ball, 7)Safety Screw, 8)Oil Hole Cap, 9)Tension Nut Bushing Screw, 10)Retaining Ring, 11)Tension Pin, 12)Tension Sleeve Upper, 13)Tension Nut, 14)Distance Washer, 15)Ball Bearing Front, 16)Spring Washer, 17)Gliding Bush, 18)Retaining Ring, 19)Seal, 20)Back Joint Cover, 21)Back Joint Cap, 22)Back Joint Spring, 23)Inner Back Joint, 24)Outer Back Joint, 25)Ball Bearing Back Joint, 26)Cog Z14, 27)Drive Shaft Pin, 28)Drive Pin, 29)Drive Shaft Worm, 30)Prong Retainer, 31)Prong Retainer Screw, 32)Centre Post Cup, 33)Fork Body, 34)Tension Spring Retaining Spring, 35)Tension Pin Cup, 36)Pair of Prongs


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